Party Duel

Fast paced mini-games!

Up to 50 fast paced mini-games. 3 games mode. 13 achievements to conquer!

  • Up to 50 mini-games to beat!
  • All genres, from puzzle, to action, dodge, runners etc..
  • 3 Game Modes: Arcade, Multiplayer and Custom selection
  • Up to 4 player locally!
  • Up to 13 achievements to complete

5 Shapes

A new kind of action puzzle!

Your goal is to fit the 5 different shapes objects in their place in the circular base. Sound easy right?

  • Pieces are spawned randomly
  • Increasing spawn time
  • Increasing dropping speed
  • Rotating pieces
  • Morphing pieces ! you don't know what is the final piece until the last moment !

Drop Alive Developed by INVI Games

An adventurous and curious water drop!

Is trapped inside a house and needs your help to get back to the place she truly belongs to!

  • 12 different levels, each with an aesthetic and peculiarity of its own!
  • Original Drop Alive exclusive music. Soundtrack of over 10 themes!
  • Collectables, Achievements, Cards and Full controller support.
  • Alternate between 3 different states; liquid, solid and gas
  • Leaderboards. Challenge your friends!

Dumb Zombies Commander

Zombies are dumb

Is your mission to help this dumb zombies to reach the castle and conquer it !

  • 20 levels, that would test your skills
  • 4 Ground actions to direct your zombies to the victory !
  • 3 Zombie actions, they are not that useless if you tell them what to do !
  • A mix of strategy and timing puzzles to solve !
  • Solve the puzzle and do it in the less amount of actions and possible time to win 3 stars !


Binary puzzle quest !

Hack the mainframe by matching the binary colored chips

  • 3 Game modes (challenges, survival, and versus)
  • Local multiplayer in versus mode !
  • Test yourself in a challenging survival mode
  • Many levels to solve in solo mode

Assembly Rush

Factory based incremental game !

Build products tapping on screen, upgrade your factory and make $$$

  • Tens of products to build
  • 15 Factory upgrades to complete!
  • 3 Special hablities (can be upgraded too!)
  • 3 Special achievements with 5 levels to conquer

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